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Overview - We stock a range of flow sensors and meters from manufacturers such as Barksdale, HSW and Sparling.

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Barksdale Flow Switches Without Optical Display

Barksdale Flow Switches Without Optical Display
Flow Switch for liquid and gaseous media, large switching range, set point continuously adjustabel (facotry set), rugged design, any mounting position, low hysteresis, resistant to dirty media

Measuring and monitoring of liquids, e.g. in cooling system of machine tools, pumps etc.

Barksdale Flow Switches With Optical DisplayBarksdale Flow Switches With Optical Display
Flow switch with optical display, Set point continuously adjustable, Rugged, low hysteresis, Any mounting position, High accuracy and functional safety.

Applications: Measuring and monitoring of liquids and gases, e.g. in Cooling systems, Test beds, Pumps etc.

Barksdale Flow SensorsBarksdale Flow Sensors
7-segment LED dispaly, microprocessor-controlled, self monitoring with error display. DESINA®-conformity, all parameteers are configured by keypad, tamper proof, keypad lock, rugged construction, vibration- and shock-proof, long term stability

Applications: OEM-applications, automotive, automobile industry, cooling.

Misc petrochemical control productsHSW Flow Meters

High readability

Simple adjustment

Suitable for most flow rates pipe sizes 3/8" up to 24"

Heavy duty switch contacts for high current loads

4-20mA outputs

Digital or Analog indication

Compatible with liquids containing high solids

Misc petrochemical control productsSparling Magnetic Flowmeters

Technically advanced bi-polar pulsed DC magnetic flowmeters

Microprocessor based electronics, coupled with innovative software allow accurate flow measurement of condustive liquids in a broad range of pipe sizes. Units available for hazardous areas.


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