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Overview - We stock a range of level indicators and switches from manufacturers such as Barksdale, Whitman, Zap and Delavan.
Barksdale Bypass level indicatorsBarksdale Bypass level indicators

Continuous level indication, Purely mechanical, No power needed, Temperatures up to 350°C, Pressures up to 64 bar, All metal or plastic, Mounting tankside, bypass or tanktop, Optional transmitter 4-20mA.  Optional limit switches, analog output, scale, isolation, tests/certificates.

Applications:  Replaces sight glasses, Level monitoring, Legibility up to 40m offshore.

pdf Barksdale Control Products - Bypass Level Indicators - Catalogue

Barksdale Float Switches Barksdale Level Swicthes

Level Switches made of stainless steel,
1 switch contact,
Side mounted,
Estabished princible,
Rugged and reliable

Applications:  Gereral level measurement at tanks and containers,
Storage Tanks for fluids, Process industry,
Environmental technology: sewage treatment,water supply,
Level monitoring in open tanks.

pdf Barksdale Control Products - Bypass Level Indicators - Catalogue

Factory sealed liquid level solutions from Whitman Controls Corporation Whitman Liquid Level Switches

Dual temperature / level switch

Horizontal or Vertical mount

Bent stem mount


Multi point 6 max

High performance

Stainless steel / brass / plastic construction

Factory sealed liquid level solutions from Whitman Controls Corporation Controlmatica Zap Pnefal Liquid Level Switches

Measuring Range: 10-1350mm
Repeatability: ±15%
Mass: 2-3.3kg
Static Pressure Of Medium: 1.6-4MPa
Permissible Temperature Of Medium: 200-250°C
Ambient Temperature: -25°C - +70°C
Casing Protection Degree: IP56
Minimum Liquid Density: 0.6 x 103kg/cm3

Misc petrochemical control productsDelavan Liquid and Dry Product Level Measurement

RF capacitance, ultrasonic, and microwave techniques for continuous and point level measurement of liquids, slurries and dry products.

RF Capacitance - point / continuous, ignores build up

Ultra sonic  - non contact point measurement / detection

Microwave - non contact detection, high temperature

Magnostrictive - point detection of liquids

A wide range of wetted materials, temperatures from -200°C to +1100°C


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