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Temperature Switches and Transmitters


Overview - We stock a range of temperature switches and transmitters from manufacturers such as Barksdale, Whitman and Palmer Wahl.

Barksdale Electronic Pressure Switches Barksdale Electronic Pressure Switches
Barksdale Mechanical Pressure Switches Barksdale Mechanical Pressure Switches
Barksdale Temperature SwitchesBarksdale Temperature Switches

Mechanical temp switches and sensors, Electronic temperature switches and sensor, Indicating and non indicating.

Ranges between : -54 to +316°C

Ambient temperature compensation, EExd EExi versions

Multi set point, Optional outputs 4 to 20 mA 0 -10vdc, Interface protocols data transfer and remote programmin.

Applications:  Chemical and process industry Shipbuilding power generation

Environmental systems

Barksdale Temperature Transmitters

Barksdale Temperature Transmitters

Barksdale Electronic Dual Temperature Switch/Sensor Model BTS3000
Measuring range - 0 ... 100°C to -30 ... 140°C
Max 2 switch points & Analogue output 4 - 20 mA or 0 - 10 V
Rotatable 320° display and electrical connection, IP65/IP67

Applications:  Machine- and Process industry, Air-conditioning.

Whitman Temperature SwitchesWhitman Temperature Switches

Miniature size
Reliable performance with repeatability of ±2% of sensor capacity
Will withstand over temperatures without affecting switch set point or life
External setting scale with full range adjustment
External lock screw for easy adjustment of set point
Narrow reset point range
Resistant to vibration
Direct mount offers thermal isolation between switch & sensor


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