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Industry Sector - Ship Building

Industry Sector - Ship Building

We supply many of our products direct to the ship building sector where they are used for both for building ships, boats, tankers, vessels and water craft as well as on board.

Applications for products include:

Level Switches

Level switches used for level and gauge measuring of tanks and vessels with liquids like fresh water, ballast water, fuels, oils etc and bilge controlling and pump controls.

Diaphragm Seal Piston Pressure Switches

Diaphragm seal piston pressure switches typically used for hydraulics, pneumatics, water treatment systems, osmosis systems, control of bilge pumps and fire pumps.

Electronic Level Measuring

Electronic level measuring often used for continuous level and gauge measuring of tanks and vessel with liquids like fresh water, ballast water, fuels, oils etc witho quasi flush diaphragm as well as for use with higher viscous media such as heavy oil and sludges and bilge controlling.

Electronic Pressure / Temperature Switches

Electronic pressure and temperature switches used for hydraulics and pneumatics and pump controllers.

Electronic Pressure and Temperature Sensors

Electronic pressure and temperature sensors for pressure and temperature measuring and transmitting to separate monitoring systems as well as monitoring of parameters in hydraulic and pneumatic aggregates and plants


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