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Barksdale Controls electronic pressure switch / transmitter with measuring ranges from 0-10bar to 0-600bar gauge, Rotatable 320° display & electrical connection, 1 or 2 solid-state contacts with optional analogue output 4-20mA. Linearity error 0.5 % f. s.


Compact modern design with rotatable display & electrical connection. The 4 digit 14-segment LED display ensures perfect readability, can be mounted upside down the software allows for inversion of the display. High EMI protection with IP65/67 rating. Ease of operation through compliance with VDMA standard V24574-1


OEM applications in hydraulic and pneumatic systems, press construction, lubricant monitoring, apparatus engineering, machine/machine tool industry, automobile industry, injection moulding machines.


This product is available to order in a range of options as detailed below. Please use this information to make the appropriate selections in the above option boxes to build your order accordingly.

Pressure Range - bar g

  1. 0 –   10.0
  2. 0 –   50.0
  3. 0 – 100.0
  4. 0 – 200.0
  5. 0 – 400.0
  6. 0 – 600.0

psi ranges available.

Process Connections

  1. G¼ male
  2. G½ flush diaphragm

Other process connection options are available on request, for details please refer to the datasheet pdf.


  1. 2 x PNP transistor switched outputs
  2. 1 x PNP transistor switched output & 1 x analog 4…20mA output

Other output options are available on request, for details please refer to the datasheet pdf.

Further Options

If you have requirements for options not listed here but referred to in our literature please contact us to discuss your requirements and to obtain a quotation.

Accessories: -

Plug connector M12x1, 4 pin angled IP65           907-0357

Plug connector M12x1, 5 pin straight IP65          907-0185

Plug connector M12x1, 5 pin straight IP67          907-0361

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