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Wahl Temperature Products

Wahl Temperature Products

Overview - We stock a range of Wahl precision temperature thermometers recorders and instruments.
Digital stem thermometers and transmitters from WahlWahl Precision Temperature Instruments

Platinum RTD Instruments
Thermistor Systems
Temperature Meters
Thermocouple Instruments
Special Probes
Printing Thermometer
Molten-Metal Dipstick Systems
Heat Spy Infrared Thermometers
Temperature Recording Decals

Digital stem thermometers and transmitters from Wahl Wahl Digital Stem Thermometers

Hand held platinum RTD systems
RTD probes NIST traceable
Humidity / temperature meters
Molten metal measurement
Hand held calibratators
Soldering iron calibrators
Heat spy telematic thermometers
Infra red  thermometers
Laser sighted infra red

Temp-plate adhesive irreversible temperature records Wahl Temp-Plate Adhesive and Irreversible Temperature Recorders

Reversible temp-plates
Range -30°C to 248 °C
Increments 1°C / 5°C
Dual scale
IC batch/vacuum chamber temp –plates
Custom design


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